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Established 2008
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"Boxed In"
An Art Show
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Sam's Voice
The Gulf Coast Art
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About This Website

We are dedicated to promoting and inspiring art through our many services for artists & businesses., Established 2008:

-  Hosts a FREE user submitted & site researched directory  of artists, galleries, groups &

-  Distributes The Gulf Coast Art Scene newsletter since 2009 to subscribers nationwide.

-  Provides a free event posting for registered users.

-  Promotes artists through our "Featured Artist" promotional program, free listings, contests & more.

-  Offers affordable & effective advertising services to artists, websites and local businesses.  

-  Connects art seekers with the right group or artist.

- We are a trusted online resource with a dedicated user base from all over the South.  And, now
with the creation of national online competitions our readers are nationwide.
Established 2008
This contest has been completed